Why a Blog?

Simply put, this blog will give me a more organized and scalable way to disseminate (yea that’s a homeschooler word) my 13 years of experience with real estate and investing. These days I find myself drinking a lot of coffee at GoldStripe with people who want to quit their job and “flip houses”. But after a caffeine induced hypesession (another homeschooler word) I typically have converted these pie in the sky aspirations into actionable motivation to start down the path of financial independence through passive income. Now I want to share those hypesessions with more than 1 person at a time. I want to see an army of passionate people pursuing their dreams and loving their lives and work as much as I do.

I guess after a decade long career in real estate I am realizing I really love helping other people discover and pursue their passion a lot more than I love “selling” someone a house. So while you will still see me at GoldStripe on a regular basis, seriously how many times do I have to post a link to GoldStripe’s website before you click on it, these guys know coffee like Gary V knows wine. They are the only coffee shop in town that roasts their own beans! And they just opened the first 3rd wave coffee shop with a drive through. (inside the 1st Bank & Trust on 98th and Slide) But I love the atmosphere at the original location inside Cactus Alley on Marsha Sharp and Salem Ave. But be ready to see what a hipsters paradise looks like, the turntable is the only music source and you need a beard just to enter. For the beardless just pick up one of these badboys. (you don’t really need facial hair, other body hair will suffice.) . . . (I’m sure they will serve bald people too.) Anyway, I still love meeting one on one with people but now I have a place to direct curious would be investors instead of just talking their ears off. (I am really good at that.)

So in short I want to razzle dazzle your senses by recommending amazing places and products to check out whether online or locally. But more importantly I am going to lay out my thoughts on the altar of improvement. Improving my life through becoming a better writer and hopefully improving your life by giving you a peak behind the curtain to learn how to build passive income and a sustainable lifestyle business. Generational wealth and a legacy to pass on to my kids and grandkids is way more fulfilling and exciting than just working a job to make money. And I want the same for you. We were made for so much more, so let’s live the life we want by designing it.

But wait there’s more! I promise to be honest with you through this process, some days are a challenge, some are a total nightmare and make me feel like a failure, and I will share those days with you as well. Because the only success stories I like to read are the ones that show who the person really is and what challenges they overcame. HGTV has painted us a rosy picture of what “house flipping” is. I am giving you an all access pass to the true reality of what it’s like to be a real estate investor.

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2 thoughts on “Why a Blog?

  1. Good luck with your blog! Hopefully I’ll get to learn one or two things too! I wrote a post earlier about investing in real estate https://therayjourney.com/2018/12/15/passive-income-real-estate/
    But I’m no expert obviously, just figuring my way still on this journey; so it’ll be great to read from someone who’s in the business!


    1. Thank you! I’ll check out your post!


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