My Story

Chase Marberry is the founder and broker of HouseChaser, a real estate brokerage firm specializing in real estate investing, property management, modern marketing and sales.  Based in Lubbock, Texas, HouseChaser’s uniquely styled brand overlaps into business development and real estate investment coaching. 

In addition to HouseChaser, Chase is also the developer of the lifestyle brand Forgotten Man and a partner in several real estate holding companies. 

Chase is the author of a real estate investment blog focused on building lifestyle businesses.

Chase partners with Scott Hinkle Ministries as well as Identity Hoops International and STUMO (Student Mobilization) to spread God’s Word and bring His light and love into people’s lives. Giving back is crucial to building community and it’s the responsibility of those who have been blessed with more than they need.

Chase grew up in the small West Texas town of Lubbock, where values and family are the only things stronger than the blowing wind and dust.  This importance of relationships and community is the headwind that has driven Chase his entire life.  At a very young age Chase knew he wanted to own his own company even if he didn’t yet know what that would be. 

As he grew up and started getting exposure to the world of real estate through the company his dad worked for he started seeing a bigger vision for his life.  His desire to design and create as well as be his own boss and connect with people was fulfilled when he became the youngest real estate photographer for the top real estate firm in Lubbock.  In the 1 year he held this job Chase photographed over 250 homes giving him a massive collection of ideas for marketing, interior design, investing, and further understanding the market that he would soon enter. 

In that same year Chase obtained his real estate license only 1 week after turning 18 and before he had even graduated high school.  This opened the door for him to begin as a licensed assistant to a top producing Realtor.  Over the following 3 years Chase learned what it took to be a top producer.  This secret sauce is what propelled him to reach the top 5 sales agent at his company and top 20 in the city as well as being ranked in the top 2% nationwide.  In 2015 Chase was named Coldwell Banker’s 30 under 30 worldwide.

Reaching top ranked status at a young age taught Chase something, “People forget what you did in a month and there is always someone else that has done more.  This doesn’t mean you stop trying to achieve great things, it just puts success into perspective.  My success is not what defines me, just as my failures don’t define me.  Instead I decided to define what success looks like for me.  This means I choose how I feel in relation to what I am accomplishing.  I quit caring what other people think a long time ago, I want to be my own biggest competitor.”

Adapting this mindset and reinventing his success, Chase left the real estate firm he had grown in over a 12 year mini-career and started his own firm, HouseChaser.  This launched his new brand and concept for Realtors who are investors first.  In his first year Chase closed more deals than at the height of his success as a salesman, but he had an entity stake in the majority of those deals.  While his investing career started around the same time as his sales career Chase only purchased 2 investment properties in the first 10 years.  He has since been involved in purchasing or selling over 20 properties in a single year using his investment strategies.  This unlocked the door to endless opportunity to acquire as many properties as he had time to analyze.

Now Chase has a passion to teach others his strategies and secrets.  His coaching program, launched in 2018, aims to simplify and demystify real estate investing.  Making it obtainable for anyone to start creating passive income and generational wealth while building a lifestyle business that fits into their life rather than dominating it.

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